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Carpet Cleaning In Van Nuys

For expert cleaning in Van Nuys, call Angel Carpet Cleaning. We can get your carpets feeling fresh all over again with our steam cleaning equipment. We cover the areas around Sherman Oaks and have a wide service area. Whether you’re right by Lake Balboa or over near Studio City, we can come over and help you out.

But you don’t need to settle just for carpet cleaning. Our experts can perform all kinds of cleaning services in Van Nuys, from your fabric couches to your ceramic bathroom tiles. We can make your home feel like a space that you can enjoy through our thorough cleaning.

If the mess in your house is getting a little out of control, we can fix that for you. We will make the trip out to Van Nuys as easy as going from Lake Balboa to Reseda. Call us today, and you can enjoy our top-notch cleaning services and leave your home looking and feeling comfortable and clean.

Van Nuys Carpet And Rug Cleaning

You walk on your carpets and rugs daily, so they’re bound to pick up a little dirt. That’s why you need rug cleaning in Van Nuys performed by professionals every once in a while. Our steam cleaning machines can remove the dirt currently trapped inside.

You track the dirt on your shoes and feet whenever you’re on your carpet. Even if you take off your shoes before walking on your carpet, you’re still introducing grime into the fibers, even if there’s less of it. And plenty of filth is coming off of your skin or coming in through open windows.

No matter what, your carpet eventually gets dirty. Your skin flakes and oils draw dust mites that live in your carpets and rugs. You can’t interact with your carpet without causing some degree of filth to transfer over to the fibers. Ultimately, your carpets will always need a deep carpet cleaning.

Van Nuys Upholstery And Mattress Cleaning

When you sit on a couch or chair, particles from your clothes come off and start to contaminate the surface. These particles include skin flakes, dust mites, and other allergens you pick up from the air, such as pollen and dust.

Many people neglect upholstery cleaning and end up with grimy and unappealing furniture. They don’t always realize that the dirt will stay there if they never deep clean their couches and chairs. The occasional surface-level cleaning isn’t going to be able to touch it.

The same goes for your mattress. When you sleep, all of the dirt from the day and any grime your skin naturally produces will start to build up on your bed. This process can even draw pests you don’t want crawling on you while you sleep. Nobody wants that.

Call Van Nuys cleaning technicians today, and we can get every nasty thing out of your dirty mattresses and upholstery. Our deep cleaning methods kill pests and bacteria and leave your furniture as clean as ever. You don’t need to learn to live with the filth – instead, clean it.

Van Nuys Tile Cleaning

Tiles are known for their ability to stay clean. Unlike carpet fibers, tiles aren’t going to absorb liquid and stain as soon as you spill a brightly-colored drink on them. Their hardness also makes them much easier to wipe off in the event of a spill. As long as you seal them, there’s not going to be much seeping into their pores and causing stains, making them useful for rooms prone to messes.

But that doesn’t mean they’re immune to stains and other blemishes. Sometimes tile owners aren’t careful with their tiles and end up with stains seeping into the pores regardless. And unfortunately, these stains are often incredibly difficult to remove.

Fortunately, steam cleaning helps with tile a lot. If you have a stain that’s tricky to get out of your tile, our Van Nuys tile cleaning experts can remove these stains effectively. You’ll need to reseal the tile afterward, but they’ll look sparkly and clean again.

Van Nuys Dryer Vent Cleaning

We don’t just steam clean the surfaces of your home – we can also clear the lint from your dryer vents.

When you dry your clothes, the fibers get roughed up, and lint sheds. The lint trap catches some of it, but some lint gets sucked into the dryer vents as they expel hot air from the drying cycle. Over time, this lint will grow and grow. Every time you dry your clothes, you add to the lint buildup in the vents.

Eventually, when there’s enough lint in the vents, it can ignite. Lint is very flammable, and any significant accumulation of it can be dangerous. A dryer vent fire can devastate a home and cost a lot of money in damage, not to mention the danger it poses to a home’s occupants. That’s why you need your dryer vents cleaned.

You must have your dryer vents cleared of lint at least once a year, so call our Van Nuys dryer vent cleaners if it’s about time. You can’t put off this vital service.


What time of year is best for carpet cleaning?

Each season has its own advantages. Spring is a popular time to call a Van Nuys carpet cleaner, although winter is when you spend the most time indoors and is, therefore, the time you’d benefit most from carpet cleaning. Some also clean in the fall to prepare for the holiday season. And still, others prefer summer due to the high heat causing the carpets to dry faster.

What method is best to clean carpets?

The best carpet cleaning method is steam cleaning. It cleans better than other traditional methods. But for the most comprehensive cleaning, you will want deep carpet cleaning. A Van Nuys carpet cleaning pro can shampoo, spot clean, and deodorize with deep cleaning.

How long does it take for the carpet to dry after having it professionally cleaned?

This depends on the humidity of the air and the airflow in your room. Regardless, it will take a few hours to dry completely.

How long does it take for carpets to be professionally cleaned?

Carpet cleaning takes around two hours, although it can be even shorter.

Can you walk on the carpet right after it’s cleaned?

Never walk on the carpet immediately after it’s cleaned, as it can attract more dirt than usual due to soap residue and dampness. Give it a few hours to dry.

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