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Mattress Cleaning

It is time to kick the stains and smells out of your bed for good with professional mattress cleaning in Sherman Oaks.

Mattress Cleaning In Sherman Oaks

Mattress Cleaning Service

Mattress cleaning is something Angel Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks provides because we believe it is just as important as carpet cleaning. The average person spends more time in their bedroom than their living room after factoring in time spent sleeping. That means everyone can benefit from a fresh mattress!

Air quality is a key component of sleep too. Musty, humid, or stuffy bedrooms are terrible for your breathing and can stop you from sleeping well. Angel’s Sherman Oaks mattress cleaning service improves air quality by pulling all the toxins out of your mattress and giving your bedroom a full refresh.

Restoring Bedroom Freshness 

For the many hours we spend sleeping and relaxing on our mattresses, very few people talk about professional mattress cleaning. Night after night ,we depend on a mattress to provide precious sleep so we can live healthier lives and function normally. So why do we not take the time or resources for a professional Sherman Oaks mattress cleaning?

Our mission at Angel Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks is to help you sleep better, and the solution is simple. Mattress cleaning goes beyond the surface and actually improves the air quality in your bedroom. Within 15 to 25 minutes, a carpet cleaning technician can restore your mattress and revitalize your bedroom with our other cleaning services.

Angel’s Commitment To Sherman Oaks 

Angel Carpet Cleaning Sherman Oaks offers superb mattress cleaning for a reasonable price. It should not be complicated to schedule mattress cleaning because everyone deserves a fresh bed to sleep on and cleaner air to breathe. If we do our job right, everyone in Sherman Oaks can get a good night’s sleep!

We are dedicated to bettering your sleep cycle and creating long-term relief for allergies and congestion as well. Everything is connected from the mattress to the air to the allergies, and Angel Carpet Cleaning’s comprehensive mattress cleaning service will enhance your bedroom and give you a more relaxing sleep.


How do you get dust out of a mattress?

Dust can be removed from a mattress through steam cleaning. Our skilled Sherman Oaks mattress cleaning technicians use this method because it works to clean deeper and pull out dust from the fibers of your mattress.

Can you remove old mattress stains?

Steam cleaning also helps get rid of old mattress stains. Combining steam and pressure with an eco-friendly cleaning solution will lift stains out of your mattress. This method is what a professional Sherman Oaks mattress cleaning services use.

Is it normal for a mattress to have stains?

Mattress stains are very common. After spending hours every night of your life laying on your mattress, it absorbs a lot of sweat, oils, and dust. Sometimes the stains are not clearly visible but might be noticeable through scent.

Does a mattress hold in allergens?

Yes. Mattresses take in several allergens, such as dust, pollen, and pet dander. If you are someone who suffers from allergies, you may notice your sleep patterns get disturbed during peak allergy season.

Can your mattress make you sick?

It is possible your dirty mattress could get you sick. Usually, the worst symptoms will be allergy flare-ups, but increased amounts of filth and mold (in severe cases) could make you sick. That is why we recommend regular mattress cleaning for Sherman Oaks residents.

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