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Looking for carpet cleaning services near Lake Balboa? Call the experts at Angel Carpet Cleaning.

Lake Balboa Carpet Cleaning

How long has it been since you last cleaned your carpets?

Carpet cleaning experts recommend that you get a deep cleaning done at least once a year. If it’s been a long time since your last deep cleaning, your carpet is getting damaged and nasty.

Carpet cleaning is a regular part of home maintenance but something that many people neglect regardless. Don’t let your carpet situation get out of control. Call a professional carpet cleaner to make sure your carpets are truly clean.

At Sherman Oaks Angel Carpet Cleaning, we can help you anywhere in the Lake Balboa area. Whether you’re down by Encino, closer to Van Nuys, over by Studio City, or in the Reseda area, we can get to your residence and give you cleaner carpets.

Our Lake Balboa carpet cleaning experts know all about cleaning and can do great work. You don’t need to try a million different stain removers or learn how to use a steam cleaning machine. We can take care of everything relating to your carpets for you. 

We even expand our Lake Balboa cleaning services to upholstery, mattresses, tile, and dryer vents. Don’t put the burden on yourself – trust our experts.

What Happens To Your Carpets

When you don’t get your carpets cleaned, they get dirtier and dirtier over time. This process happens in several ways.

First, and most obviously, anything on your feet gets rubbed off into your carpet. If you have shoes on while walking on your carpet, you’re getting everything from the street into your home. This includes street tar, cigarette ashes, mineral particles, and anything else you’ve happened to walk on.

But even if you take your shoes off, things still come off your feet. Bare feet and legs shed skin flakes, hairs, and sweat, and it all works its way into your carpet. Sweat can discolor fibers over time, and skin flakes draw dust mites.

Obviously, all of these things are shed from other parts of your body too. If you lie down on a carpet, you get more of it on the floor. And if you have any pets wandering around your Lake Balboa home, they’ll shed much of the same.

That’s not the only way your carpet gets dirty. Leaving windows open can introduce pollen and mold spores into your environment, and some of it will end up on the floor. Whenever you walk on your contaminated rugs or carpets, you push this stuff further in.

Have you ever eaten over a carpet? What about in your bed? Food particles and crumbs will inevitably end up on your carpet or dirty your mattress, drawing more dust mites and bacteria. You can’t see these microscopic particles, but they’re making an impact.

The Lake Balboa Cleaning Process

While a dirty carpet is inevitable, getting a cleaner carpet is a straightforward and easy process.

First, you need to contact a professional Lake Balboa carpet cleaning service. We can give you same-day appointments if you need someone to come as soon as possible. If that’s not necessary, we can schedule whatever day works best for you and find a technician available that day. That way, it’s as convenient as possible for the customer.

Before the appointment, you should move your furniture. You need the technician to have full access to your carpet, after all. Vacuum so the surface-level grime won’t obstruct the steam cleaning.

On the day of the appointment, the technician will show up and steam clean what you need us to clean. We steam clean tile as well as a variety of fabric surfaces, giving you many options.

The steam cleaner will inject hot water and chemicals at high pressure, causing soils to dissolve or get ejected to the surface, where they can be vacuumed later. In fact, you should vacuum after everything has dried.

If you got a dryer vent cleaning instead, it’s also a simple process. The technician will vacuum lint out of your dryer vent using special tools and then be on their way.

Enjoy Your Clean Lake Balboa Carpets

You don’t need to worry about grime getting into your air and making your environment less livable now that most of it has been removed from your carpets. You can breathe easier in your Lake Balboa home knowing everything is cleaner than before.

You should still vacuum your carpet once a week to help remove a lot of the grime that’s going to continue to accumulate. Never dirty your upholstery with food or eat in your bed, and never walk on your carpet with your shoes on. These precautions will help keep it from getting dirty.

And in a year, schedule another deep cleaning to get out whatever builds up over that time. But for now, you don’t need to worry too much. Just relax and enjoy your clean home.


Does cold or hot air dry a carpet faster?

Hot air helps wet carpets evaporate and lets them dry faster. That said, if you have the AC running on a hot day, don’t shut it off – the AC helps remove moisture from the air, allowing the carpet to dry faster.

Can a carpet be too old to clean?

Sometimes cleaning can damage an already-damaged carpet. It’s best to consult a Lake Balboa expert in your specific case. But yes, cleaning old carpets can be a bad idea.

Where does the dirt go when you steam clean?

There are drums on steam cleaning machines that collect all of the dirt that they cleaned up. Some of it also rests at the top of the fibers. That’s why it’s a good idea to vacuum after you’ve finished steam cleaning.

What is the difference between steam cleaning and carpet cleaning?

Steam cleaning is a type of carpet cleaning, but you can use steam on other surfaces too. Our Lake Balboa technicians steam clean carpets, rugs, upholstery, mattresses, and even tile.

What happens if you don’t clean your carpet?

If you never clean your carpet, it’ll get full of bacteria and dust mites. It can also start to discolor and fray.

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