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Carpet Cleaning

Get rid of those lingering stains and offensive odors with our Sherman Oaks carpet cleaning service.

Carpet Cleaning in Sherman Oaks

Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpets get stained all the time. It happens. Call Angel Carpet Cleaning in Sherman Oaks for a quick appointment if you need to get your carpet stains out. Do not wait for them to get worse – call us now and schedule a same-day appointment, and we can get there the same day.

Your carpet and stain are unique, and it takes special knowledge to know exactly what will work most effectively and how to implement it. Our technicians have years of experience in many services and understand how to use their tools the best.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning is a highly regarded choice for anyone that needs carpet cleaning in Sherman Oaks. It is the best way to clean a carpet, and the process is simple and effective.

Steam cleaning machines start by heating the water inside, bringing it to a temperature that will melt most carpet soils without damaging the carpet fibers. It then mixes the water with some cleaning chemicals and fires it into the carpet at high pressure. This pressure lifts soils from deep within, melting and dissolving them with the solution and sucking everything up.

Why Choose Steam Carpet Cleaning?

As you can imagine, steam cleaning is a very effective cleaning method. If you have had years of carpet soil buildup in your Sherman Oaks home or business, this can take care of that with no problem. Particles are lurking in your carpet that you are not even aware of, and steam cleaning destroys them well.

It also uses very few chemicals. If you are worried about the environment, steam cleaning is a way to assuage these fears. You also do not need to worry about breathing in those cleaning chemicals afterward.

Carpet Dry Cleaning In Sherman Oaks

Dry cleaning relies less on water pressure and more on utilizing chemicals to react with common carpet soils, causing them to dissolve and no longer cling to the fibers inside the carpet.

The dry cleaning process starts with the cleaner pouring the powdered chemicals all over the carpet, focusing on any stains or noticeable dirty parts. The powder is then scrubbed in with a brush and left to sit, where it reacts with carpet soils. After that, everything can be vacuumed, and your carpets will be cleaner.

Why Choose Dry Carpet Cleaning?

If steam cleaning is so effective, then why is dry cleaning also a viable option? Well, there are certain circumstances where you will want to get your carpet dry cleaned instead of steam cleaned.

Steam cleaning can be kind of rough on carpets. If your carpet is fragile, dry cleaning is a significantly better option. On top of that, steam cleaning can take several hours to dry, while dry cleaning has, as you can imagine, a relatively short dry time. Your Sherman Oaks carpet cleaning professional might be able to handle a dry cleaning better than a steam cleaning.


Should you have your carpets steam cleaned or dry cleaned?

Steam cleaning works better, but dry cleaning is good for more fragile carpets. Our Sherman Oaks carpet cleaning technicians will know which technique works best for you.

Do you need to clean your carpets?

If you do not clean your carpets, they will get full of bacteria and dust mites. You should get a deep cleaning once or twice a year from a carpet cleaning service in Sherman Oaks.

Can you clean your carpets yourself?

If you clean your carpets yourself, they won’t get nearly as clean as they would if a professional Sherman Oaks carpet cleaning company did it for you.

How do you know if your carpets are dirty?

You will never be able to see all the soil inside your carpet. If your carpets have not been cleaned in a while, it is time for professional carpet cleaning in Sherman Oaks.

Can you deep clean your carpet stains out?

Yes, it is a great way to treat stains. Our Sherman Oaks technicians can help you out with deep cleaning your carpets.

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