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Is Standard Rug Cleaning Damaging Your Flooring?

Posted on November 10, 2022

Standard rug cleaning includes all the things you can do yourself to clean your rug. From vacuuming to hitting your rug with a dust beater, these methods might not do enough to protect your floors. Even improperly used steam cleaning machines can put your floors at risk. Here is what you need to know about the risk of ineffective rug cleaning.

Dirt Seeping Through

You might notice that even though you are cleaning your rug regularly, the floor underneath it is getting stained. What is happening? The rug isn’t even dirty, yet the tile, laminate, or hardwood underneath still is developing a layer of filth, despite being covered by the rug.

Sometimes this natural staining can get bad enough that it requires a professional tile and grout cleaning service. The reason for this problem is that the rug is permeable. So dirt is being held in the fibers. And as the rug is not properly cleaned, the dirt is moving its way down the pile until it is deposited on the floor beneath.

The Dangers Of Excess Moisture

If you are getting your rug wet during cleaning, be careful about how damp it is while it is sitting on the floor. You might not have to worry about the rug being dirty or even the floor underneath it getting the runoff grime, but too much water can damage improperly sealed flooring.

With standard rug cleaning, take advantage of the fact that the floor covering is not tacked down. Hang it outside to dry fully before placing it back in its final location. For carpet cleaning, this can be a bit trickier, as the carpet cannot be moved. Just make sure the cleaning does not use so much water that it is wet for more than 2 to 3 hours.

Encouraging Fungus Growth

You do not want mold growing on your rug. But mold, which is fungi, needs very little to start to grow. With a food source and a bit of moisture, fungus spores can rapidly begin to grow. If you are not cleaning your rug correctly, there will be everything mold needs to flourish.

You need a steam cleaning machine for proper rug cleaning. But even with the right tools, you can perform the procedure incorrectly. If you have not removed all the dead skin and food crumbs and left just enough moisture, mold will take root.

Once mold has started to grow, you need expert steam cleaning services. Standard rug cleaning will not be enough to address this more serious issue. And this mold can potentially start to spread to the rest of the floor.

Closing Advice

Instead of taking the risk of damaging your floors, call for rug cleaning services. There is no reason to damage your home in a way that will be extremely costly to fix. Even if there is a weakness in your floors that could be exploited by excess moisture or fungus, you can avoid exposing yourself to this problem. Just contact a professional.

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